Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Sounds of Happiness

It is very difficult when you have a child who cries all the time. I'm not talking about the occasional fit or terrible twos. A crier. Veronica has always been such a child. I'm not sure if it was a learned behavior or otherwise. As a baby, she cried A LOT. We suspected she had reflux and assumed she would grow out of it. She hated noise. People. Lights. She cried every where we went. As she got older, the tears continued, but for other reasons. The slightest mishap would send her over the edge and she would let you know if something wasn't just right. A banana that broke in two pieces was THE END OF THE WORLD. Spoon falls on the floor OH MY GOODNESS. Heaven forbid if a toy fell out of her hands. And so forth. One day I started to tally how many time she cried and after an hour I had gotten to about 15 times and quit. Eventually I caught on to her triggers and did whatever craziness I had to as prevention (don't ask.) Anything to avoid more crying. Yes, we probably babied her a lot.

And of course, there was Valerie. Veronica was in constant competition with Valerie. Roni wants so badly to keep up with her big sister, which isn't always possible. "I want to be the leader" she'd wail every. single. night. after bath time. On and on the daily battles went. And I think she learned by crying, she'd get the attention she craved.

I don't know what it is - maybe it's school or dancing or just being away from Valerie. Maybe it's having two days at home alone. Maybe she's enjoying her new found independence. But Veronica has changed SO much in the past two months. The tears are still there, but less frequent and for a shorter duration. Triggers that once sent her over the edge bring fits of laughter. Something falls on the floor brings giggles. Getting in the car - her skirt has to be "just so" over her knees and the seat belt just right across her dress. Countless times I have heard heart wrenching sobs of "My dress not right!!!" as we backed down the driveway.

Now I'm greeted with "My dress not right!! Silly Momma!!" And giggles.


And as we back out the driveway, I hear ever so softly. "Momma, I so happy."

Me too, Doodlebug.