Sunday, October 03, 2010

December Child

After a little debating, I've decided to have Valerie's birthday party in a few weeks. I know it's very early. But with an almost Christmas birthday, I'm hoping early will work out for the best. I think having a lengthy break in between her birthday and Christmas will be a little less hectic for everyone. Last year her party was a month late (thanks to the flu!) so why not have it a month early this time? Hopefully November weather will cooperate better also. Where has the time gone.... I can't believe my sweet girl is going to be six years old.

I feel kind of bad, but we are keeping the party small and are not going to invite a few people who expect to be invited. Ok well, one person mainly. (4th of July peeps know who I'm talking about!) I hate to leave anyone out, and it's nothing against the kids, but I don't like inviting people because you feel you HAVE to. It will be tough to hide that we had a party thanks to my Facebook addiction. I know I'll be asked about it ~ "Oh I see you had a party and didn't invite my kids? " This person is so paranoid and is always asking if I'm mad at her as it is!!! I hate to lie but how do you say I just don't want you here in a nice way?!?

Anyway, the invitations are mailed and the planning is underway...

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  1. I think Early is GREAT! Whatever works best for you. We have done early and late... SEems to be the way... We were way late last year because of the flu too.