Saturday, October 16, 2010

Unfortunately today we had to spend money on a new washing machine and dryer. It's so nice getting new appliances but not so nice to pay for them!!! Currently we have a Frigidaire Affinity set. Junk. I am soooo unhappy and will never purchase Frigidaire ever again!! Something so expensive should not break under normal use after such a short time!! The front loaders look pretty but they are not worth the money. The $1000 washer broke a little over a year. The repair bill was over $300. The plastic panel is cracked to bits just from the machine vibrating. Plus all the mildew around the rubber seal is a pain to deal with. The $1000 dryer has been on the fritz for a while now. We had to bang on it to unstick a button to get it to run. It would work for a few days or a week, then do nothing but flash error codes after running for 30 seconds. I guess it had enough of the banging because a few days ago the darn thing quit working all together. (It is such a pain hanging clothes out to dry!) We could either spend $300 to repair something that is junk to begin with, or spend $400 and get brand new. And rather than having miss-matched appliances, and since we don't really like the Frigidaire, we opted for the washer too. My regular top loading Maytag washer and the matching dryer will be here Monday. AND I will have more space in my tiny utility room with the monster sized machines gone. I just hope Maytags are as reliable as they used to be!!

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