Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a day

This "single mom" crap is for the birds.

I had a bit of a medical emergency with Veronica today, which left me in a real bind. The whole time I was sitting at the doctor's office holding a screaming Roni, I was so worried about my 5 year old getting off the bus and no one would be home. What then? What would she do if she came home to a locked house and no one home? No neighbors home either?? One of my biggest fears is being stuck somewhere and not being able to get home in time....

Today started out normally except for three little words:

My ear hurts.

Which I admittedly shrugged off because Veronica was just getting over bronchitis. Literally two days ago was her last dose of Zithromax, so how could she possibly have an ear infection? A Z-pac usually works wonders. And even if she did, it couldn't be that bad... Oh so wrong on both counts!

I dosed her up with Motrin and we went to a playdate then had lunch with a friend. She was happy and silly as can be the whole time. We were minutes from pulling into the driveway and Roni started with the ear hurting again. And then started crying hysterically about her ear really hurting, ow ow ow... (and didn't stop for nearly 4 hours.)

Nothing I tried calmed her down. So I called our pediatrician's office, and they said to come right in. It was 1:30, which left me with a really big dilemma. If I take Roni in, would I be home in time to get Valerie off the bus?? Usually appointments go really quick,but sometimes not. With Veronica in such awful pain there was no waiting until morning; I HAD no choice but to take her in. Of course, it was very slow to be seen today. Veronica has a horrible, horrible double ear infection and got an injection, which we had to wait 10 long minutes to be sure she didn't have a reaction. It was almost 4:00 when we left the doctor.

Thankfully my Dad was able to get here in time so Val wasn't alone. But still... he's almost 80 years old and lives 35 miles away. What if there was a true emergency? And I can't get home for whatever reason? I have to figure out something... I need some sort of plan in case this happens again. I just don't know what.


  1. oh ok can i fuss you now. lol you can call me i would go get her off the bus for you hun. also too you could of went and got her out of school and had the doctors office give you anote for her being there they would not counted it against her. even if they did i can help you fix that. i am here for you honey.

  2. Awww! Hope she feels better soon. I wish I lived closer so I could help out! I mean, I can still help, you just have to give me a 9 hour warning. ;) Yay for your Dad getting that beautiful girl off the bus for you!

  3. 80 is not so old and 35 miles is no distance at all for my granddaughter.
    Too bad you don't know me. I live within walking distance and my schedule is open.

  4. Thanks Tracy and Dawn...

    Richard, you are probably right. I know my Dad enjoys seeing the girls and they adore him. I just hate to inconvience anyone.

    This is just not what I signed up for when I got married and had kids!!!