Monday, November 01, 2010


The girls aka Sleeping Beauty and Snow White had a great Halloween weekend. Friday night we went to the local parade with some friends. Fun! I think the highlight was a real Delorean riding along with "Doc Brown" handing out candy. The license plate read "88 MPH." Fun stuff.... Love, love those movies.

Saturday we went to a Fall Fest at a church.... it was small but of course the girls loved it. Such a pretty day to be outside.

Yesterday we went to Trick or Treat story time at the library. I think that was the longest story time ever!! After they walked around to different locations to trick-or-treat. Back home again it was time to get ready for the real deal. My Dad came for the night and we went to the neighbors for hot dogs and snacks. There seemed to be much confusion about the times though. At 5pm cars were lining up and a few groups were walking around. TOT didn't start until 6pm here! A little after 6 we headed out and made the block. Boy, the kids really racked up on candy!!! I have a bunch put aside for Val's party next weekend. I figured it's a good excuse to get a pinata and an easy way to get rid of the candy!


  1. We did not have a single trick or treater. That's two years in a row and only one or two on the years before. This year we saw as many cops on the street as trick or treat groups (two)
    Trollville is a real dud.
    SWMBO still decorates in the spirit but it gets less and less because no one here participates in anything.
    By the way you are a great looking witch. I dressed as a witch but I just scared myself and one little girl whose parents wouldn't even bring her to the door.

  2. beautiful costumes for your girls. My girls would love to have the trick & treats at Halloween but it is not a norm to celebrate in our country here.