Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday we took a drive to Morgan City to spend the day with my Dad. I cooked lunch - pork chops, green beans, biscuits, and pumpkin cheesecake. After the kids played in the yard a while, we drove a few miles to the "Satsuma Patch" (as my kids like to call it.) My Dad took me there when I was little so it's a nice tradition to pass on to my girls. It's smaller than it used to be, but still rows and rows of trees. We actually have a satsuma tree in our backyard, but it makes the most awful oranges for some reason. At the orchard, you get buckets, a wagon, and clippers. Eat what you want and $.50 a pound for what you pick. The girls LOVED it! Veronica especially loves satsumas and can easily eat a dozen at a time. Valerie likes to suck out the juice and spit the rest out! I used to like them a lot too, but not so much anymore. I'll eat them, but they're not something I'm crazy about. The kids had a great day and we came home with ten pounds of satsumas! That should last us a few days...

Today Clint dragged the Christmas stuff out of the attic.... it's all in the garage and none of it has made it's way into the house..... yet. Guess I'll be working on that this week!

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