Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Birthday Girl

Unfortunately, first on our birthday agenda was a visit to the doctor's office (again.) Thankfully we were in and out in less than a hour. Valerie's lingering cough of 3 weeks had seemingly worsened over night, so I decided to put birthday plans on hold bring her in. I felt so bad. She already gets shortchanged being that her birthday is so close to Christmas, and now she was sick! We got new meds for this darn resistant bacterial infection so hopefully this will finally take care of it. While we were gone, I had Clint blow up balloons, put up streamers and decorations, put her gifts and cake on the table. My Dad, Clint, and Veronica were waiting when we walked in and yelled "surprise!"

We took Val for a birthday lunch at Chic-Fil-A, then to Party Pad to jump. At home we sang happy birthday and had red velvet cake.

She keeps saying she can't believe that she's six! Me either, my sweet girl.

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