Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cookie day!

Today was supposed to be cookie day at a friend's house, but sadly her daughter woke up sick during the night. Rather than take the chance of passing germs around, cookie day was cancelled. Val and Roni were so sad!! We donned our aprons and had our own mini version at home instead. Not quite the same as baking with friends, but with the same end result: COOKIES! My Dad came to spend the day and help. I'm such a messy baker I decided to make things easier: newspaper! I covered my counter and the floor with newspaper to catch any spills. Worked great and I had practically no mess to clean up!

First we made chocolate chip:

Then it was on to snowball cookie, sans pecans since my kids would never touch cookies with nuts in them.

I made my Mom's fruit drop cookies. My fav Christmas cookies!! They are so addictive...

And lastly we made ginger bread. I didn't have molasses so I used dark corn syrup! The plan was to decorate them too, but the kids were busy playing at that point. And they are just as good with out icing!

Valerie made the boy and the girl hold hands because "they are best friends."


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