Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorations on the tree...

I absolutely love, love my Christmas tree. It was a steal last year after Christmas. I luckily wandered into Hobby Lobby and they had just marked all the Christmas stuff down to 90% off. Huge beautiful trees. $600 trees at 90% off!! Last year we got our first real tree and it was $50 that we put on the road after Christmas. I got a 8 foot pre-lit beautiful tree for $60 that should last for years . Yes I know some of you have heard this story several times but I really, love my tree! And love that it was cheap! It has white lights but we like colored, so we added a few strands LED lights we bought for the real tree last year. And Clint did clip about a foot off the top so we could put a star and not worry about it touching the ceiling! Isn't it pretty??

That's actually my dining room. We moved the breakfast area table to the garage and moved the (nicer) dining room table in the breakfast nook.

For years we had a cardboard Christmas fireplace when I was little. I ran across one in a catalog the first Christmas we were in our house and had to get us one. That was 6 years ago and well worth the $10 I paid for it! I got the little ginger bread dolls the same year on my very last day at work. It was the ladies' Christmas luncheon/gift exchange. I was 9 months pregnant with Valerie, so winning these dolls with "2004" on them was perfect. The kids love them and they almost never stay on the fireplace.

Here's a peek at my small Christmas village. A good bit of it belonged to Clint's Mom. The nutcracker came from an returned/exchanged wedding gift!

I started displaying all the previous year's Santa pictures on our piano. I like seeing how much the girls have grown. Amazingly we only have one crying Santa picture from when Valerie was two.
My table, but of course the red place mats don't exactly stay on the table!!

Here's Harvey once again, hanging out on the window latch.

And the outside lights! Clint only decorated the porch this year due to his hurt shoulder.


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    It's all beautiful!

  2. Visiting through Holidailies - love your pretty decorations, and love the tree!! :)

  3. Gorgeous tree, and wow what a deal!

  4. your tree is beautiful! I love all your decorations.

    I hate that you have to miss your mom too. It is horrible, and I wish you didn't have to feel this pain. But thank you for always having the best supportive words. Most can't grasp it.

    Hugs and Blessings,