Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Meet Harvey

This is Harvey.

Harvey is our Elf. He magically appeared under our tree a few days before Thanksgiving along with gifts (Christmas books.) Harvey works for Santa and is keeping an eye on Valerie and Veronica. He reports back to Santa if they are naughty or nice. Every day, if they have been good, he places candy (Hershey kisses) in our wooden Advent/countdown house. Harvey also moves around quite a bit during the night and he is a digger! This morning I found him with an open box of Cheerios sitting in a pile of cereal. To which Veronica cried, "I will punch him in the eye!" And she did. Valerie put him in the time out corner for making such a big mess. Another day I found him in the pantry surrounded by graham cracker crumbs. One night he cut up paper and left it all over the table. On December first, he left behavior calendars on the table. If the girls are good, they get a smiley face. If they are less than good, they get a frown. Harvey's cover was almost blown when Valerie asked to hold him. "He doesn't feel real." she said. "He has wires." Luckily I know elves are magic and and I was able to explain of COURSE he is real! Valerie's teacher also told the class that every time you touch an elf, he loses some of his magic. So DON'T TOUCH THE ELF! Whew, that was close. Santa is going to pick him up and bring him home to the North Pole on Christmas Eve when he delivers the presents.

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