Monday, December 27, 2010

Nothing to see here... move along

I thought about not posting today. But the end of Holidailies is near so I figured I'd ride it out, even if I have to post about nothing.

Veronica went to school today. Clint, Valerie, and I went furniture and appliance shopping. The girls are in need of headboards for their beds. They've both had just a metal frame for years, with the intention of getting real bed frames 'soon.' Valerie is using a chest of drawers that was mine, so it's a good 25+ years old. Veronica has her clothes in a chifferobe. It's an awesome piece. It was my grandparents' and dates back to the early 1900's, if not the late 1800's. My Dad went through a lot of trouble painting it white, replacing the mirror, and replacing the glass knobs for Valerie's arrival. We passed it on to Roni when the time came. The tiny drawers were fine for baby clothes, but now it's huge waste of space and just not practical. I'm not sure what to do with it now... But anyway we found headboards and chests for a reasonable price so I think we are going to get them.

We bought an upright freezer today also. We have a chest freezer but I am tired of digging to the bottom to find what I need. Plus, a few years ago during Hurricane Gustav everything in the freezer defrosted. There are cracks in the freezer lining, so all the yuck leaked into the cracks and it has smelled funny since. The new one will be here for New Year's Eve.

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