Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas

Christmas was over in the blink of an eye.

All the prep work, excitement, planning, gift buying... over and done.

My Dad came to spend the night on Christmas Eve. We had our party fare of chicken salad sandwiches, cocktail sausages and meatballs, deviled eggs, and chips/dip. We danced with the girls to Christmas music, took pictures in front of the tree, and opened our gifts. I could wrap up just about anything and I think they would be thrilled to death. I never thought they would be so happy to receive bed sheets and slipper socks!! I didn't really buy many toys from us ~ I left that up to Santa. They do love the authentic Russian nesting dolls Clint brought back from his last overseas trip.

Valerie slept in our bed and my Dad took hers. It's usually not bad but she woke up about 2:30am and wanted to get up! It was close to 5am when she went back to sleep. Yawn! When they did get up at 7am ~ were they surprised!! Santa had put together my old Barbie Dream House. Zu Zu Pets and Furreal Friends are their favorites, second to the 28 year old Barbie house that is.

I wore my Mom's favorite Christmas shirt on Christmas Day. I think she'd like that I kept it.

We had a great Christmas dinner with all the fixings plus some. Diet starts again soon! I know sometimes big families are more trouble than it's worth, but it does make me sad sometimes when I hear of everyone else's plans to visit relatives. Parties, food, people, excited kids, and gift exchanges. My kids will never know any of that. There's no one to go visit or do presents with or have parties with. They'll never know what it's like to walk into a house full of people and holiday cheer. They'll never have anyone surprise them with gifts since aside from us, their Godparent is the only person who remembers them. It will always be just us. No one calls or visits. I didn't have any of that either, so I guess that is part of why I feel like we're missing out on something. It was always the three of us - me, Mom, and Dad. Now it's the five of us, which isn't much different.

On the other hand, however, it is nice to be able to stay home and nothing is rushed. It's quiet and we do as we please. We let the kids play with their toys and there is no schedule.

Today I hit Wal-Mart at 6am and bought a ridiculous amount of clearance stuff. I bought Veronica some birthday gifts and quite a few things for myself. I think I may go back tomorrow.

Family picture

Dressed in new nightgowns ready for Santa!

This is a perfect representation: Valerie and Veronica - to the "T."

A peek at Santa's surprises

Somehow she knew was was in that box: her new green blanket

They played Barbies all day long!

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  1. Is that a Barbie Dream House?! I had one and played with it every. single. day. I loved it...and I bet your girls love it, too! :)