Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Poor old Skooter is not looking very well these days. This was taken on Christmas Eve and I'm sad to say he probably won't see another one. He has been extremely needy for a while now telling me that something is off. I can't really say what is wrong, if anything is indeed wrong. He is a fifteen year old fur ball, so maybe his age is getting to him. I do think he possibly has something wrong with his teeth. I'm on the fence about bringing him to the vet. I know here they are likely very different, but my experiences in Morgan City was that their first response was always wanting to put the animal to sleep. One example is we found a kitten who needed medical attention so we brought it in. Their recommendation was to kill it because it was skinny, had eye infections, and had fleas. We brought it there to help it not kill it!! That cat was a great pet and lived another 12 or 13 years. Another time it was one of our beloved long time pets that had something minor wrong with it. Anyway, Skooter seems to have lost some weight and is nearly completely deaf. He follows me around yowling and wants constant attention. Some days he seems livelier than others though. I guess my biggest fear is the vet will want to do some fancy procedure and Skooter will either be worse off or not survive it. Had that happen before to elderly pets too. Skooter was my Mom's cat and I really don't want anything to happen to him until it is his time.


  1. I have yet to meet an animal that will volunteer to die to escape the inconveniences of old age or to escape pain either for that matter. People decide their pet is better off dead but they don't ask the pet.

    We helped Susy to maintain her dignity which seemed OK with her. Her ghost is still here and that's a little spooky but I can deal with that. She is the one that suffered and died. My turn will come soon enough.

  2. If an animal is really bad off, I can see it would be easier to just let them go rather than have them drag on and suffer. Been there, done that. Skooter amazingly seemed better today. Just a fat, happy, old cat. Maybe he was just having bad few days...