Friday, December 10, 2010

What a Putz!

When I was little, I would get so excited when we got the box of Christmas decorations down. Storage was a cardboard box for some appliance my parents had bought, and we kept it at the top of the hallway closet. It had it's own smell and I can still remember it to this day. I would dig around the lights and ornaments in the box until I found my most favorite decoration - a tiny cardboard house. It had a red brick pattern, red cellophane windows, a chimney, and a light inside that blinked. I probably spent hours staring at the blinking light imagining all sorts of scenarios for the imaginary family who lived in it. It really wasn't Christmas until we set that house on the end table.

A few years ago, I got to thinking about that house and asked my Mom about it. She had no idea that I liked it that much! She didn't know where it was and thought perhaps she had just tossed it out in the trash in recent years. Darn.

I decided to look for it, figuring it was a long shot since it was something my Mom bought over 50 years ago. Of course I went to the only place to find such treasures - eBay. Lo and behold there were several of the exact houses up for auction! It turns out they are called Japanese Putz houses and are somewhat of a collector's item. It seems they were pretty common in the 5os.

It took a few tries, but I managed to score the exact house on eBay. It was worth every penny to me. It was silly how excited I was when the box arrived. It didn't have a light but we managed to rig one up. It's like having a piece of my childhood on display every year. Although I'm absolutely terrified that my kids will break it....

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