Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's up Holidailies?

Holidailies has been up and running for a couple weeks now. This year seems... slower, for lack of a better word. Very few visitors, few comments. I usually try to leave a comment on most of the blogs I read. And I try to remember to vote up the ones I do read also.

Which, I am not crazy about the voting part. I'm not caring much for the reddit format either. I've tried to get used to it, but it isn't a good fit for me. Or maybe I'm missing something. It just doesn't seem easy to navigate, and I know I'm not seeing a lot of posts. I don't like clicking on the tabs to find the posts. I've noticed that once your post drops to another page, you're pretty much done and get no readers. It took me a while to realize I had to click the "what's new" tab to see the new posts! I miss seeing a short summary of each blog so I'd know right away if it was something I was interested in reading or not. I miss the Best of Holidailies entries, too.

I like that there is a 2010 Holidailies to participate in.

However, the whole reddit format is making me rethink participating.


  1. I agree. I very nearly didn't do it this year because of disliking Reddit. I don't like the votes, I don't like the moving posts around, and I miss being able to read quotes from the posts.

    I'm sure it makes it a billion times easier on J&C to not have to set up their own portal and all every year, but... yeah, I don't like it much.

  2. Reddit doesn't fill me with warm fuzzies, either, and I've been less motivated to do Holidailies posts this year because of it.

  3. Thank you for your input. I wish you all would email me personally if you are having trouble with Holidailies and/or Reddit this year, so we could possibly find a way to work it out, rather than posting entries and comments where I may or may not see them. I would appreciate that much more.

  4. Glad to know it isn't just me. Thought maybe it was just me who didn't get it!

    Jette, it's nothing really I'm having trouble with. I'm sure there are lots of bloggers who like Reddit. It just isn't a good fit for me. I know it's much easier for you guys rather than setting up your own portal.

  5. I totally agree with you! I really did prefer the other format better, but I'd rather have Holidailies than not.

  6. I concur. There's nothing here I'd e-mail Jette or Chip about; it's not that we're having trouble with Holidailies or that there's a problem to be fixed. I understand that doing it this way makes things much easier for the organizers, and I'm certainly not stepping up to volunteer to run an old-style portal myself.

    That said, Holidailies-on-Reddit is a vastly inferior system, and you're not alone in being wistful for the old days.

  7. I didn't realize that wwe voted on Holidailies...after all these years! It was up and running for a few days before I discovered it too...I wonder how the people who signed up found out about it--I had checked the site the week before December. I'm glad to have it back in its original format, but sad that so few are part of it this year.

    That said, however, I am going to be baking cookies today and will try your mother's recipe11