Thursday, January 27, 2011

As expected...

Veronica tested positive for the flu this morning. She's not really *that* sick, so I am thankful it is a mild case! I really thought it was just a stomach virus. Her doctor said she may already have some immunity to it, so that's why it isn't bad. Today is day four, so she's on the end of the contagious period as well. No school until Monday to be safe...

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I predict...

.... that we'll be visiting the doctor tomorrow!

After an entire month plus four days of being well (a record!), Veronica has come down with something awful. I'm not sure if it's a stomach bug or the flu. This persistent vomiting is horrible! I'm letting her rest today and if she is still ailing tomorrow I'll bring her to the doc. I hope it's just a stomach thing and not the flu!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Right or not

I know it was the "right" decision, but I still feel so guilty. I brought Skooter to the vet in hopes of helping him. He had no idea what was going on. I didn't have much of a choice. My only other option was to stick him with needles and IVs every couple of days for the rest of his life. I just couldn't do that. And he would still have died. I just feel so bad. I brought him to a strange place and he died alone -around strange people. I held him and petted him and told him what a good cat he was. I said goodbye and walked away knowing I'd never see him again... all the while he had no idea what was coming. No idea that his lights were going to be turned off... forever.

I know he was 'just a cat' but in so many ways he was not just a cat.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Such a good boy

It was October 1995. I think it was a Friday. My friends had skipped school to camp out at the Ticketmaster location in the mall to buy Pearl Jam concert tickets. I got out of class at 2:30 I believe and met them. It was total chaos as there was a huge crowd waiting for tickets to go on sale. I won't lie ~ I cut the line. I found my friends and just stood with them. After a bit of drama with the first two shows being a sellout, PJ adding a third show, we did get our tickets!

When I left the mall, it was STORMING. It was raining buckets and it was freezing cold.

When I got home, my Mom told me a boy I liked had called for me. Something about the message he left made me decide to not call him back!! And she told me she had a surprise in the garage.

Here was this teeny-tiny cotton ball of white fur. He was so tiny, yet a big puffball at the same time. His tail was black and it had a kink in the very tip, as if it had been broken and healed crooked. He had a black spot on his head and right side. And he was terrified of us.... We estimated he was about 5-6 weeks old.

My Dad had parked his car across the street on the neutral ground when he got home from work. As he was walking to our driveway, in the freezing pouring rain, this itty bitty furball ran up to him mewing. Even my Dad, who dislikes cats, couldn't resist picking him up.

Our original plan was to find him a good home. Well, we sure did just that!! He was such a good boy - just incredibly furry!! Fuzzy. And oh my did he shed. He didn't like strange people or loud noises. He'd wrestle with the dog, which was pretty funny. He was very sweet and quiet and liked to cuddle next to my Mom at night. He'd reach out with his paws to pat her as if to say "I love you!" Just a big fat happy cat.

One time he got accidentally shut outside. He was "missing" for quite a while. It scared him for life and we could NOT put him outside with out leaving a crack in the door. He'd be in a complete panic if you shut the door on him.

I took him to our house after my Mom died. Immediately he focused his attention on me. At night he'd curl up around my head. I pushed him off countless times, but he'd always come right back to cuddle.

At 15, old age caught up with him. He had gone nearly completely deaf. Skooter followed me around meowing and watching me constantly. Every chance he got, he was in my lap. If I wasn't around, he'd turn to Clint.

Still, such a good boy. He will be missed, and will always be my good, sweet boy.

Skooter, September 1995 - January 20, 2011.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Yes, it is my right to claim copyright

Recently I was notified that a certain someone had several photos that I took posted on a public social website - with out my permission. Believe it or not, I took the photos and was paid to do the work, so technically I own them. I did not sign a release.

So of course it is with in my legal rights to do something about it.

AND of course, I reported this someone for unauthorized use of MY photos. How could I let that slide.....

Would you believe she flat out lied saying someone else took the photos - not me. Yes, this "very honest" person LIED!! No surprise there.

I can easily prove I was the photographer. Maybe she forgot I have the originals. The outtakes. And un-edited pictures. All 150++ of them.

Anyway, while I was going back and forth with a moderator....

She took the photos down.

Changed her status so it was aimed at me.

Then, once she read my status reply, made her page private.


I win! I win!!!!


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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

So long...


Today is the end of Holidailies 2010. Although I managed to post every day, it wasn't quite the same this year. I really didn't have the sense of being part of a community. I just didn't feel the group's enthusiasm on Reddit and I didn't get nearly as much traffic as I normally do. It seems as though once you dropped off the first Reddit page, you were done. Oh well. I'm still glad there was a Holidailies though. I enjoyed reading many blog posts and getting a peek into your lives. Thanks to all of my visitors. I hope some of you will decide to stick around!

And now it's back to the irregular sporatic postings.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bargain shopping

I almost forgot... but I went to both Target and Walmart (again) the past few days and all of the clearance stuff was marked down to 75% off! I stocked up on things to keep the girls occupied on rainy days. I got make your own photo snow globes for less than $1 each. I bought four gingerbread kits - two houses, a Santa village, and cookies for $2.49 each kit. They come with the gingerbread pieces, colored icing, sprinkles, and candy. All we have to do is put it together and decorate! Cheap and easy fun things to do on boring or rainy days, if nothing else. I picked up some ornament craft kits for next year. I also bought goody bag toys - packs of tiny yo yos and disk spinners for a whole $0.30 each. GREAT for next year's class parties! All in all, I probably spent about $40, but if I had paid regular price it would have been $160!

Now to find a place to keep it all... haha!

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Out with the old...

in with the new...
Finally, we have the girls' new furniture. Some of it anyway. Both headboards were damaged, so we have to wait for a new shipment to come in. They at least have new dressers now! I set up Veronica's room today.



Veronica actually has a room now! And space to play. The antique chifferobe is a great piece of furniture, but it was taking up so much space and it didn't hold much in those tiny drawers. The chest of drawers is half the size and holds twice as much.

Don't worry, the chifferobe isn't going anywhere. It has been relocated and re-purposed! It should make a good storage spot for linens, table cloths, and other odds and ends.

Monday, January 03, 2011

How petty can you be?

So I sent two sweet boys a Christmas card with Wal-Mart gift cards in them a few days before Christmas.

Today, I get them back.

BOTH cards were opened to see what was inside. Shoved back in a single envelope, and taped shut. "Refused. Return to sender." was written on the front. (I always thought the post office would only do that to unopened mail?)

Oh and they also sat on them for a week before sending them back.

It really is unbelievable how selfish and petty people can be.

We're still awful and too negative?? So what? That has nothing to do with the kids, so it should be as it always has been regarding them.

The kids - YOURS and OURS - did nothing wrong. Why punish them? Why not let them be excited to get a surprise in the mail?

How selfish is it that you can't put aside your own ill feelings and feel the need to deny your children a CARD? What kind of parent does that?

What kind of parent tears open two envelopes to see what's inside, crams it back together and tapes it shut, and returns to sender.... never showing their kids that someone thought enough of them to send them something at Christmas?

Readers, a penny for your thoughts....

Sunday, January 02, 2011

$25 to burn

We had a nice New Year's Day. My Dad came to visit and have dinner with us. Val and Roni are always so happy to see him. Of course we had our traditional cabbage and black eye peas.

Then we decided to set fire to $25 and watch it burn in the driveway.

Well, not really... Clint bought a few cheap fireworks to entertain the kids. Cheap as in really, really bad!! Valerie made a list of things she wanted: snaps, streamer guns, roman candles, firecrackers, and sparklers. Veronica had me write a list for her of the same, except she wanted a green firework and a big, big rocket. Usually the girls are scared of the "pop" and this year was no exception, but they handled it better. It was freezing cold but still pretty fun. Our neighbors hung out with us and it was the best $25 I ever threw away.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Clint and I finished out 2010 by going on a date. The first in..... many, many months. This was the first New Year's Eve that we left the house for in years. The kids went to a friend's house to play, and we had an early dinner and saw a movie.

We had dinner at El Paso. Yum! We've been there twice and it's my new favorite Mexican restaurant. The best Mexican food ever. Although both times we have had the same server and he is horrible! The first time we thought maybe it was just a fluke, but last night was even worse. Very inattentive. From when I started timing it, it took thirty minutes for him to take care of our bill. We sat and sat and sat. He brought the bill. We sat and sat and sat. He was no where to be found. We were in the middle of digging for exact change so we could just leave it on the table and walk out when he showed up. So, we gave him $100 bill since we needed change to pay my friend for babysitting. When he brought our change, it was $20 short! Sad to say, but I do have to wonder if it was intentional or not. Clint tracked down the manager, which took even more time, and we got the correct change. The food is awesome and we will go back, but we will make sure we have a different server next time!!!

We saw "Tron" in 3D at the theater to the tune of $26 for two tickets. (When did that happen?! I am spoiled for $5 10am movies.) This was the first 3D movie I have seen and while it's neat, I don't think it was worth the extra $6. (And they want their glasses back?!) It was a pretty good movie over all, even though I'm not familiar with the original "Tron" movie or the game.

We picked up the kids, came home, watched fireworks, and then put the kids to bed. Clint and I rang in the New Year sitting on the couch on our computers!

Happy New Year, Y'all!