Sunday, January 02, 2011

$25 to burn

We had a nice New Year's Day. My Dad came to visit and have dinner with us. Val and Roni are always so happy to see him. Of course we had our traditional cabbage and black eye peas.

Then we decided to set fire to $25 and watch it burn in the driveway.

Well, not really... Clint bought a few cheap fireworks to entertain the kids. Cheap as in really, really bad!! Valerie made a list of things she wanted: snaps, streamer guns, roman candles, firecrackers, and sparklers. Veronica had me write a list for her of the same, except she wanted a green firework and a big, big rocket. Usually the girls are scared of the "pop" and this year was no exception, but they handled it better. It was freezing cold but still pretty fun. Our neighbors hung out with us and it was the best $25 I ever threw away.

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