Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bargain shopping

I almost forgot... but I went to both Target and Walmart (again) the past few days and all of the clearance stuff was marked down to 75% off! I stocked up on things to keep the girls occupied on rainy days. I got make your own photo snow globes for less than $1 each. I bought four gingerbread kits - two houses, a Santa village, and cookies for $2.49 each kit. They come with the gingerbread pieces, colored icing, sprinkles, and candy. All we have to do is put it together and decorate! Cheap and easy fun things to do on boring or rainy days, if nothing else. I picked up some ornament craft kits for next year. I also bought goody bag toys - packs of tiny yo yos and disk spinners for a whole $0.30 each. GREAT for next year's class parties! All in all, I probably spent about $40, but if I had paid regular price it would have been $160!

Now to find a place to keep it all... haha!

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