Wednesday, January 05, 2011

So long...


Today is the end of Holidailies 2010. Although I managed to post every day, it wasn't quite the same this year. I really didn't have the sense of being part of a community. I just didn't feel the group's enthusiasm on Reddit and I didn't get nearly as much traffic as I normally do. It seems as though once you dropped off the first Reddit page, you were done. Oh well. I'm still glad there was a Holidailies though. I enjoyed reading many blog posts and getting a peek into your lives. Thanks to all of my visitors. I hope some of you will decide to stick around!

And now it's back to the irregular sporatic postings.

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  1. Enjoyed you posting regular! Hope ya have a great day!

  2. That covers it pretty well, I think. Likewise, I managed to post every day, but I also didn't feel the same sense of community as in past years, not as many hits and comments, etc.

    Still, I felt like I found some good blogs that I hope to continue following, so I guess there's some good to come out of it.

    Happy Holidailies to you!