Thursday, January 20, 2011

Such a good boy

It was October 1995. I think it was a Friday. My friends had skipped school to camp out at the Ticketmaster location in the mall to buy Pearl Jam concert tickets. I got out of class at 2:30 I believe and met them. It was total chaos as there was a huge crowd waiting for tickets to go on sale. I won't lie ~ I cut the line. I found my friends and just stood with them. After a bit of drama with the first two shows being a sellout, PJ adding a third show, we did get our tickets!

When I left the mall, it was STORMING. It was raining buckets and it was freezing cold.

When I got home, my Mom told me a boy I liked had called for me. Something about the message he left made me decide to not call him back!! And she told me she had a surprise in the garage.

Here was this teeny-tiny cotton ball of white fur. He was so tiny, yet a big puffball at the same time. His tail was black and it had a kink in the very tip, as if it had been broken and healed crooked. He had a black spot on his head and right side. And he was terrified of us.... We estimated he was about 5-6 weeks old.

My Dad had parked his car across the street on the neutral ground when he got home from work. As he was walking to our driveway, in the freezing pouring rain, this itty bitty furball ran up to him mewing. Even my Dad, who dislikes cats, couldn't resist picking him up.

Our original plan was to find him a good home. Well, we sure did just that!! He was such a good boy - just incredibly furry!! Fuzzy. And oh my did he shed. He didn't like strange people or loud noises. He'd wrestle with the dog, which was pretty funny. He was very sweet and quiet and liked to cuddle next to my Mom at night. He'd reach out with his paws to pat her as if to say "I love you!" Just a big fat happy cat.

One time he got accidentally shut outside. He was "missing" for quite a while. It scared him for life and we could NOT put him outside with out leaving a crack in the door. He'd be in a complete panic if you shut the door on him.

I took him to our house after my Mom died. Immediately he focused his attention on me. At night he'd curl up around my head. I pushed him off countless times, but he'd always come right back to cuddle.

At 15, old age caught up with him. He had gone nearly completely deaf. Skooter followed me around meowing and watching me constantly. Every chance he got, he was in my lap. If I wasn't around, he'd turn to Clint.

Still, such a good boy. He will be missed, and will always be my good, sweet boy.

Skooter, September 1995 - January 20, 2011.

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  1. So sorry to read about the loss of your pet. It is the hardest thing about owning a pet. Take care