Monday, January 17, 2011

Yes, it is my right to claim copyright

Recently I was notified that a certain someone had several photos that I took posted on a public social website - with out my permission. Believe it or not, I took the photos and was paid to do the work, so technically I own them. I did not sign a release.

So of course it is with in my legal rights to do something about it.

AND of course, I reported this someone for unauthorized use of MY photos. How could I let that slide.....

Would you believe she flat out lied saying someone else took the photos - not me. Yes, this "very honest" person LIED!! No surprise there.

I can easily prove I was the photographer. Maybe she forgot I have the originals. The outtakes. And un-edited pictures. All 150++ of them.

Anyway, while I was going back and forth with a moderator....

She took the photos down.

Changed her status so it was aimed at me.

Then, once she read my status reply, made her page private.


I win! I win!!!!


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