Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another day at the World

Wednesday, March 9, was our free day. We decided to make up our missed day at Magic Kingdom and I'm glad we did. Once again, we made rope drop. Walked on to practically everything that was a must do for that day. Everything. So we walked the world and did a few extras. I had every intention of going back to the condo to rest, but we just kept finding more things we wanted to do! Crowds had thinned considerably also, so it was a very nice day.

We had dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare for 5:00, so about 4:15 we headed for the monorail to The Grand Floridian. It was closed and we were directed to a tiny ferry. It too was full, and he told us another would be by in about 15 minutes. We waited and waited as the clock ticked closer and closer to 5pm. No ferry. We went back up to the monorail (which was operating again) and were on our way. We made it - just barely. Dinner was awesome! Food was great once again and the girls really enjoyed the characters. Lady Tremain asked "Who is the best at washing dishes?" And Veronica points to me. Ha.

We were on the go for over 12 hours and the girls did GREAT overall. Just the usual Veronica crankiness from time to time...

Oh, and Valerie was thrilled to death that we got to meet Push, not once, but twice!!!

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