Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Boneyard

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thankfully everyone got a good night's rest and woke up happy! First on the agenda was breakfast at Chef Mickey's. This is one of my favorite character dining experiences. The breakfast buffet is awesome and the characters are fun!

After breakfast, we headed over to Magic Kingdom. When we got to the parking lot, there was a mass of people waiting for the trams. Yes, the parking lot trams. We had to wait for four trams before we could get on, and even then there was still a huge crowd left waiting. When we got to ticketing we saw this and this:

Thousands of people waiting for the monorail, ferry, and busses. In all the times I have been to Disney, I have never seen masses waiting just to get to MK. We debated a bit and since MK was going to be a complete madhouse, we went back to Animal Kingdom.

We took the train over to Rafiki's Planet Watch and the girls got to see and pet some animals. Valerie wanted to go to The Boneyard to play. Immediately, I did not like it. It was so crowded and hard to watch your kid. Both girls wanted to climb up on the highest platforms to go down the big slides. I let them go on the smaller slides, and even so it seemed too easy to get lost. The steps are one side and the slides are far on the other. Clint watched upstairs while I watched them on the ground. Valerie would not quit about going on the highest slides, so I relented. I told her to slide down only once and come right back. So I watched her and tried to keep tabs on Veronica. Eventually, I lost sight of Val so I just waited and waited for her to come down the slide. Then Veronica was no where to be seen... so I tracked Clint down and Veronica was with him.

But still, no Valerie.

I climbed up thinking she had found something interesting up there or made a friend. I searched and searched.

No Valerie.

I was trying not to panic.... but she had been gone at least 20-30 minutes by this time.

Clint alerted the CM and they told us Val had left, and generally if they look seven years old, they let them leave with out questioning it. It had come over their radio that a lost child was in Discovery Island, so they said to go there and ask any CM for info. We stopped at the first person we saw, and he knew nothing so he called his supervisor. She didn't know anything either!! So she was walking us somewhere to get more info, and miracle of all miracles happened. As I told the CM her name was Valerie ~ a lady passing by in the crowd stopped and said "OH you're Valerie's Mom!!!!! I found her... and she's fine! They took her to the baby care center." She had spotted Val walking in a circle crying, and she knew. So the CM took walked us over to the baby care center, and there was Valerie!!! She ran and gave me a big hug. Apparently she went down a different slide and got confused on how to find me again. What a scary moment for all of us!!! I usually tape our cell numbers to their backs, but on this day I did not do it. Lesson learned!

After that we went back to vacationing fun stuff. Overall, in spite of losing Valerie, we had a really nice day!

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