Saturday, March 12, 2011

So long Orlando!

Thursday, March 10 was our last day. We woke up to rain, rain, and more rain!! We debated on finding an alternative indoor activity to do. All the museums we were interested in were over an hour's drive away and expensive, so we decided against that. We waited around for a while, and went to lunch after the rain had slacked off. By the time we were done, the sky was lighter so we went back to Epcot. Valerie fell in love with Figment on the Imagination ride and wanted to do it along with Spaceship Earth again. We spent a couple of hours walking around, then it was time to go back to the condo and pack. The sun was out when we left.

Sad it was all over after months of planning..... it went by so fast... but glad to be going home.

We were up very early Friday morning to finish packing and head to the airport. Took a while to check in and get through security. Had the usual kid aggravations with a very tired and uncooperative Veronica. *sigh* Clint sat with the girls on the plane this time. Val did awesome on the flight home, but Veronica cried a good bit about her ears hurting and refused gum or any other suggestions we had. (That girl is something else.) But we made it home safely. One nice thing about having appliances is that we brought back all clean clothes! No mountain of laundry to do!

It was an awesome vacation over all! We had a great time and will go back, but probably not for a year or two. When I get my photopass pictures, I will be sure to share those also.

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