Friday, March 11, 2011

Up and away!

I let my kids skip school on Friday, March 4 to go to Disney World. I am not sure if that makes me a cool Mom or a bad mom!! It didn't matter for Veronica since she is only in a 3 year old pre-school, but it did count against Valerie for missing a day. Oh well, she's not behind and has only missed 1.5 days so far this year. We got up super early and drove to the New Orleans airport. Parked in long term parking, checked in, and went through the insane security screenings. All was well until the moment to board came. Valerie started to panic. She wanted a window seat but immediately closed the shade. She was crying hysterically about not wanting to go to Disney World anymore, not wanting to go up in the air, wanting off the plane, and how she was so scared. On and on. Hyperventilating and sobbing. I thought she was either going to throw up or pass out. Poor baby. All the while, Veronica just sat there, happy as can be. The plane slowly turned onto the runway, and I told Val this was it and held her as tight as I could.... The second, and I mean the very second, the plane picked up speed Valerie started laughing. She put up the window shade and laughed and laughed as we went into the air. I guess it was a fear of the unknown, and once she realized it wasn't that bad she kne
w it was okay. Once we were in the air, she kept asking, "Why are we going so slow?" Veronica had trouble with her ears upon descent, but a quick fix with some gum helped her out. We got our luggage, picked up the rental car, grabbed a quick lunch, and headed to our condo at Windsor Hills.

I highly recommend Windsor Hills to anyone looking to staying off site!! It's beautiful and affordable. I am one to want the most bang for my buck. If I am going to spend over $100 a night, it better be worth it!! For the same cost (or less) as a hotel room at Disney, we stayed in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo 10 minutes from the Magic Kingdom parking lot. Having space makes things much more comfortable! Having a kitchen with appliances saves a lot on food, and it's so nice not having to rush out for breakfast every morning. You can't beat a $1.50 cinnamon roll breakfast that feeds four people! And having a washer and dryer is awesome.

We made a quick grocery run and got settled for the night.

To be continued.....

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