Saturday, April 09, 2011

Another Milestone!!

Yesterday my Val Gal lost her first baby tooth! We noticed it was loose a few weeks ago, which led to her panicking and crying about it. She got used to it and had been wiggling it for a few days now. Last night she didn't eat supper because she kept saying it felt like her tooth was about to fall out. She kept on wiggling it and then I hear "Uh Oh. I pulled my tooth out." Followed by hysterics!! My poor girl does not like change. It took a while but she finally settled down and was ok about it. This morning she found $5 under her pillow from the tooth fairy! Now THAT she was excited about!!

I dug out her baby book to write in yesterday's date for losing her first tooth, and it made me so sad! At times I can barely remember her being a tiny baby... and here she is a big kid losing her first tooth. Where has the time gone?!


  1. Val and I have that in common. We are both losing our teeth.
    It's sad to see them grow up. My only consolation was that it would be sadder if they didn't.

  2. sue186:56 PM


    My teeth went for 10 cents for incisors and 25 cents for molars.

    There were also some discussions about whether fillings increased or decreased the value of a tooth.

    Of course, this was in the early '40s