Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is Luckie aka Orange Kat.

I first saw Orange Kat sometime in February. As I pulled into my driveway, he was on our porch. He bolted as soon as he saw me. I saw him at a distance a few more times, and one day he was in my backyard. I put a scoop of cat food out for him and a water dish. The next time he came to visit, he only ran as far as the edge of the porch.

Just before our vacation in March, poor Orange Kat had a bit of misfortune. His tail was mysteriously half gone and left was a bloody stump. I decided he was "lucky" that whatever got him had only gotten his tail. Valerie decided he was "lucky" to have found us. By now he has decided he wants us to pet him all the time and won't take no for an answer.

This is the noisiest cat ever. Thought about re-naming him "Talking Tom." I can usually hear him coming from a yard over and he "talks" back when you talk to him. He hung out on my porch for two or three days, so I thought he was here to stay. Nope, he soon was gone again - out tom cattin' around no doubt. He comes and goes, and just when I'm thinking his luck may have run out, he shows back up again. He has graduated to trying to sneak into our house every chance he gets. Somehow he even knows where the cat food is. It's like he thinks he lives here.

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  1. It's quite flattering to be adopted by a cat.

    If you eventually catch him, be sure and get him neutered so he doesn't get into a situation where more than his tail is torn up.

    I'm hoping your local pound has a feral spay/neuter program, like mine does.