Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bella ?

Sassy and Perriwinkle
Perri's favorite resting spot

I could sit on my front porch for an hour and see maybe one car pass down my street. There's no traffic through here. My guess it is someone who lives in my neighborhood that hit my cat, and they didn't even stop. I can only hope that maybe it was so quick they didn't notice. And I hope Perri didn't hurt for long.

My heart shattered into a thousand pieces when Perriwinkle died. He was just a baby and so full of life and energy. He was smart and special. He added a whole new spin to the household with his kitten antics. I know, he was just a cat, but he was more than that to me and MY cat and a big part of our family. I only let him outside because he loved playing in the bushes. I made sure he was inside before we went anywhere so he wouldn't be left out alone. We were outside putting up Christmas lights and how I wish we would have brought him inside when we were done.

There are some very kind people in this world though. Yesterday, I got a message on Facebook that just blew me away. You see, Perriwinkle was a rescue kitten. Someone was going to drown him along with his two siblings and a friend of mine took them in. I got Perri from her, someone adopted one of the others, and she kept kitten number three and named her Gumbeaux. One of her other cats did NOT like Gumbeaux at all, even after all these months they were not getting along.

Today, she gave Gumbeaux to me.

I know I can't replace Perriwinkle. There will never be another just like him. My heart still aches for him. But I can at least welcome his sister into our family and have part of him here. Maybe she can help heal my broken heart and fill the empty spot in our home. She is a little unsure of us as we are of her, but I hope she will come around and let us love her. Maybe I was meant to have her, who knows.

The jury is still out on a definite name, but Valerie wants to call her Bella or KitCat. I think Bella will win.

And I can't leave out my dear Sassy!

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  1. I would be lost without my cats--I understand how you are missing yours.