Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm around...

It's been quiet around here. Busy, but quiet over all.

Clint's back to his "regular" work schedule.

The girls are OK. Veronica seems to be coping better now. Val has had some outbursts, which I guess is normal. They are dealing with a lot of new emotions.

My Dad's bedroom is now an office again. There's still some things in the dining room, but we'll take care of that next weekend when the Christmas stuff goes up. I got rid of all of Dad's personal items we had here. At some point, I have to tackle his house. I have no idea how. There's 42 years of stuff in there to sort through. I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

We brought over a few key pieces of furniture from my Dad's house that we can make use of and I wanted to keep. We'll be getting rid of some things at our house that serve no real purpose except to hold clutter. Looking forward to that. Clutter with out a purpose makes me unhappy. I also brought home my Mom's every day Correlle dishes, her wedding china, and her good silverware. Most of the china is still sealed in plastic in the box it came in. The silverware was tucked away in a ziploc bag. I've already mixed them in with our daily dishes and I am going to use it all.

Mostly, I guess I am okay. There are moments when I'm not. My day-to-day routine has been thrown way off, but I'll find my way back eventually. At times, it doesn't seem real that Dad is gone. It's strange to have a thought or something happens and my first instinct is to share it with Dad, and then that thought sinks into oh yeah... It seems like all that happened was to someone else. Like we were watching a movie. Oddly, I'm not sure why this is, but I don't feel as badly as I did when my Mom passed. It's hard to explain....

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