Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Today was grandparent's day at Veronica's school.

I know my Dad would have loved to have been there. He got a kick out of things like that. I can picture him walking in wearing his nicest plaid shirt, and smiling as Veronica excitedly told everyone that her Poppi was here! Then, sitting down with Roni to have milk and a doughnut.

I went instead since I didn't want Veronica to have no visitor this day. Not this soon. She excitedly told everyone, "My momma's here!!" And we sat and had a snack together.

Everyone else in her class had a grandparent to visit them.

I'm sad.

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  1. Did the teacher know one of her students just had a grandparent pass. If so, that was very insensitive to plan a grandparents day out of the blue like that?