Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trick or Treat

The girls had a great Halloween.

And oh my, the candy we have around here is ridiculous!!

Friday night we met friends at the Halloween parade in town. Both girls caught a big bag of candy.

Saturday, we went ToT at Sam's then to Halloween story time at the library. Candy.

Monday, they both had Halloween treats given out at school. Big bags of candy.

Then it was "real" ToT time. Val and Roni were SO excited. We got together with our awesome neighbors and some friends came over too. The neighbors cooked hot dogs, chili, and had chips and cake. We walked the entire neighborhood ToT-ing. All was well until Veronica stumbled and fell, tearing her pants and scraping her knee. After that she refused to walk and wanted to be chauffeured in the wagon. I think she got the sorry vote because her bag was the fullest!!

It was a great night though. Probably one of the best Halloween's we have had in a while.

My Devil Bride and Dorothy

And yours truly for good measure.

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