Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Barbie Princess Charm School

Valerie got this doll for making the A honor roll. It is a favorite around here and the source of a lot of friction between Val and Roni (they both want it all the time.) 

During Thanksgiving break, Val and I went shopping together and she decided all on her own that she wanted to give Veronica her very own Charm School Barbie for Christmas.

(awww right?)

Val helped me wrap it and filled out the gift tag. I made Val SWEAR to keep it a secret and to NOT tell Veronica what it was.

That night, Clint and I were in our bedroom and we hear whispering in the living room. Then all of a sudden Veronica says very excitedly, " BARBIE PRINCESS CHARM SCHOOL!!! I REALLY WANTED THAT!!!"

Then Val says in a hushed tone, "Don't tell Momma that I told you!! Don't tell her, ok?? OK?!?"

"OK. I won't," says Veronica.

Next comes the pitter patter of little feet down the hallway. In walks Veronica with the above mentioned Barbie belonging to her sister in hand, with the biggest grin on her face.

"Val did NOT tell me what my present was. Really. She didn't."

Oh really.

(suppress fit of laughter)

I guess Roni has never heard that only a guilty party needs a defense with out even being accused of anything.

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