Friday, December 30, 2011

Changes 2012

I've been thinking a lot about changes to make for the New Year. I don't usually make resolutions, but I do try to set a few goals.

Decluttering is always one. I think I did pretty good over the past year. The house is a lot neater overall. My whole routine kind of fell apart in the last few months, but I'm working on getting it back. I'd like to make better use of the space we have.

I was doing really well with going to the gym before our life got turned upside down too. I hope to find my grove and get back to where I was. I still go, just not as often. It doesn't help that I hurt my shoulder and cannot lift any weights. My motivation went out the window, and it seems I've been eating non stop all December. I do enjoy the classes a lot and look forward to chatting with the girls every morning, so I will work on finding my way back.

Facebook has got to go, or rather some of the people on my facebook have got to go. I admit I'm totally sucked in by it and I like it. I enjoy reading the updates and seeing all the pictures. The new timeline is awesome. I love reconnecting with long lost friends. Over time it seems some I thought of as friends are not really friends at all and don't need to know my business or see pictures of the kids. I think it's time to pare down my friend's list a good bit and change the privacy settings -- again.

And once again, I am on the fence about making big changes to this blog....

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  1. Tracy B8:58 PM

    awww honey I so hear you on many changes with ppl on fb and all. and all you been though and you always know who your true friends are and who is not. know i am always here for you!

  2. I hope yuou'll keep me as a FB friend. I love keeping up with your family. I can't believe Valerie is 7 already. I remember how rough your pregnancy was with her, as well as Veronica.