Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

For the first time since before the kids were born, we are going out tonight with no kid curfew. We've gone out on NYE a few times, but we always had to be back at a decent time to pick up the kids. Tonight they are sleeping out we can stay out as late as we want!

We had our New Year's Eve Eve get together last night since we will not be home tonight. Food, friends, smores by the fire, lots of laughs, and of course a ton of fireworks. The kids had a grand time with their friends and it was nice just hanging out.

Farewell 2011....

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  1. TracyB8:23 PM

    awww honey I hope you and Clint enjoy your time and nite together! you two need it! after all you been though! and we have a ton of fun last nite thank you for always inviting us to your home. like i always say you so much like family to me! so glad you all have been in our Life and we have you all!