Saturday, December 03, 2011

Party Day!

Happy Birthday Party Day to Valerie!! She won't officially be seven until the 21st, but we always have her party the first weekend in December so it's not so close to Christmas. She had a great day with lots of friends!!! We rented a bounce house, girls polished their nails, and we had crafts for everyone to do, too.

Happy Birthday Party Day to my sweet Val-Gal!!

Mom is not a Bieber fan....

Lots of friends....

Her BIG surprise - a new bike!

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  1. I'm sorry I missed it. I have been so selfishly turned inward as introverts often do that I didn't pay attention to emails. When I get can stand to be out I'll try to make it up.
    Those training wheels need to be off.
    She is beautiful.

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  3. My sister's is the 19th and she always hated having it so close to Christmas. What a brilliant idea to celebrate early in the month!