Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sad truths...

Veronica, only four years old, keeps mentioning how she and Val no longer have a grandma or a grandpa.

She keeps asking me if I can get her new ones.

Last night she asked if I could get her new ones, and they could live in Morgan City (at my Dad's house) so we could go visit them.

Sigh, that makes me feel so sad for her...

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  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    awww my friend how my heart just ached for you and the girls i am so sorry to hear this. how i know how this is we have close friends that the kids have apoted as there grandmom and grandpa which he just passed aways a few years ago so i so know what you are going though.we love you and i am there for the girls i can be there apoted grandmom. since i love you all like family hugs

  2. Do you have any good friends who would be honored to be appointed "honorary" grandparents?

  3. :( That is so sad, breaks my heart.