Monday, December 12, 2011

A visit with Santa

There's not a single childhood photo of me with Santa. Something about the idea of sitting with a stranger with a beard in a red suit freaked me out. I do remember wanting to do it. I know we got in line for mall Santa pictures a couple of times, but as it started to inch closer, I changed my mind. Santa was magic and scary, and I just couldn't find the nerve.

Not my kids.

The second they set eyes on Santa, they shriek!! "SANTA!! HI SANTA!!!" And jump up and down waving. Veronica had it all planned out that she would tell him who she was because she had grown from last year and Santa would likely not recognize her. Ha. I have no idea what they told him, if anything. But here they are - all smiles.

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  2. Both girls are so big! And that is a great-looking Santa Claus!