Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A first for me!

Sunday was a first for me.  I was in my first parade ever.  Y'all know parades are pretty BIG around here with that little holiday called Mardi Gras!!  My Zumba class at the gym decided it would be fun to dance in the Irish/Italian Parade.  This was a small parade and trial run for us since they are planning to hit the big Mardi Gras parades next year.  Walking nearly 3 miles is nothing.  I do more than that every day!  Dancing 3 miles in 80 degree heat with a slow moving parade however was a concern!  I have to admit, it wasn't that bad at all.  It was hot and I was tired afterwards.  No one quit and we all kept up as best as we could.  The breeze and occasional bit of shade helped a lot.  Will I do the 7 or 8 mile Mardi Gras parade?  I'll have to think on that.  
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