Friday, April 27, 2012

Sale day....

Whew.  We're all set for the estate/garage sale at my Dad's house.  I hope... I think.  It's been A LOT of work.  Forty-two years of stuff to sort through and ponder.  Most of the big items have been long gone, so I'd say it's more of a garage sale status than estate sale.  Honestly, I'm not worried one bit about making a buck.  I just want the stuff gone. I figured it would be easier to sell it rather than box it up and haul off several truck loads of stuff.  Now I'm not so sure.... as I have been working in the house for weeks now.  And there's an entire room of KEEP stuff that I have no clue what to do with.  I'll be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow heading over to Morgan City to hopefully sell off a chunk of the items left in the house.

And then we'll have to deal with the remainders....  and then handle the necessary repairs to make it decent...

One step at a time.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

nickeled and dimed to death

I've written about the pennies before.  Here and here.  It was something my Mom brought up often.  Over three years later, I still find pennies.  And it truly was just pennies, almost always pennies.

Today marks 6 months since Dad's passing.  Half of a year already.  Still hard to believe he's gone, much less believe it has been this long. Sure doesn't seem like it.

A few days before Dad died, the hospice social worker paid us a visit.  She talked to my Dad for a long time.  And one of the things she brought up was that what made her job so rewarding were the stories of signs from those who had passed on.  My Dad didn't believe in anything.  You were gone into nothing and that was that.  So I told her the stories about the pennies and I liked to believed my Mom was somewhere and the random pennies were from her.  And I told my Dad jokingly - I didn't want any pennies.  He was a well off old man and he had enough money and needed to send nickles and dimes. Or quarters.  We all laughed a bit.  And the social worker looked at him and said, "Hear that? She wants nickles and dimes."

My Dad died on a Saturday night.

On Sunday, Clint went to Wal-mart.  He parked, and when he stepped out of the car.... he found a nickel laying in his parking space.

It happens to me quite often.  A dime by my shoe when I step out of the car.  A nickle in my path on the sidewalk.  The treadmill I chose at the gym just happens to have a dime in the cup holder.  I stop to sit on a bench and find a dime.  I move something on a store shelf, and there lies a silver coin.  I'm having a bad day, and a coin appears to make me smile.  The kids have found them too.

COINcidence?  Maybe.  Chances are they are just lost change, but what if it's meant for me to find?  I do find it interesting that it was pennies and pretty much only pennies until this past October.

Now, I still find many pennies, only now there are nickles and dimes with the occasional quarter thrown in the mix.

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Monday, April 16, 2012


Do you have a doomsday book?

Do you?  Why not?? You should....


Okay..... What in the world is a doomsday book?

I learned of it's existence many, many years ago.  My Mom handled the day to day money.  She paid the bills and balanced the checkbook.  My Dad had no idea how to pay the phone bill when he had to take it over.  My Dad though, was a bit of a self-taught investment guru.  He was always looking for ways to avoid the tax man and find top dollar returns on his investments.  He worked very hard at turning the little bit he had into something greater.  I told him once that if something ever happened to him, my Mom and I would be in a fix because we had no clue where the money was or how to get it.  His response was that most of them send statements or something in the mail eventually, and that he had it all written down in 'that orange notebook in the closet.'  Um. Ok. 

In the hospital, my Dad knew what was coming and that I was about to take over everything he had.  He told me all sorts of detailed information about his investments and ways to go about claiming them and to pay the minimum tax.  There was no way I could remember everything. "It's all in the doomsday book," he said.  The orange notebook in his closet.  

In it are detailed instructions about inheriting certain types of accounts.  The banks my Dad dealt with and the whens and wheres of some closed accounts.  Some is hand written, some he cut and glued to the page. Account numbers, balances, logins, and passwords.  Then, in a manila folder in a filing cabinet, he even had printed copies of the forms for a beneficiary to complete and mail in with a death certificate.  

I still look at it and think - wow.  Only my Dad would think of this.  Only my Dad would be this prepared.  Only my Dad would call it "Jack's Doomsday Book,"  as if to make one last corny joke.  And you can't help but laugh - doomsday book?  for real??  

So, do you have a doomsday book?  Will you have a doomsday book? If not, it might not be a bad idea to start one.  I know we will.  

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

First boat ride and first attempted fishing trip....

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter recap

Both girls had Good Friday off from school, so we spent the day at a friend's house.  They invited us over for a crawfish boil and had hotdogs and chili for those of us (me and the kids) who do not eat boiled seafood.  The kid swam, dyed eggs, and had a big Easter Egg hunt that afternoon.  It was a really good time.  We were pretty much there all day!

Saturday, my cousin and his wife brought over a huge batch of fresh caught catfish to fry.  I made a big pot of homemade white beans, a bunny cake, a strawberry pie, and a lemon pie as requested by the girls since it was "Poppi's favorite."  We dyed eggs with the girls and sat around visiting.  Lots of laughs and we had a really nice afternoon with them.

Easter Sunday was just us and very quiet.  The girls got up and were thrilled with their gifts from the Easter Bunny.  Luckily The Bunny woke up about 3am or s/he would have slept right through the night and forgot to "pass."  Both of the girls went straight to the books and ignored the candy.  Eventually they did tear into their Easter baskets, but so far the books and the new x-box game have been the favorites.  I was tired, tired, tired all day long.  I'm always tired but even more than usual.  So I slept a good bit of the day away.  I didn't even cook Easter dinner for us.  We had leftovers from the fish fry and the girls had a frozen pizza.  I cook almost every day so I guess it wasn't a big deal.

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter from our family to yours.....

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