Friday, November 02, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment!!

October started out with Valerie receiving Student of the Month!!   Very proud of my girl for always doing so well in school.

This month, guess what??

It's Veronica's turn!!!  O.M.G.  Knowing this child and how far she has come, THIS is an accomplishment.  Not that she is 'bad' by any means, but Roni has a mind of her own and has her own ideas how things should be.  So when her teacher sent home a letter stating she had picked Veronica as Student of the Month, I was ecstatic!!!!

THEN....  I got a call from their French teacher.  He also picks one student out of all his students each month for the award.

He picked Valerie.

Both of my girls received Student of the Month awards today.  I can't express how proud of them I am!!     Love those girls so much.

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