Sunday, November 25, 2012


Our Thanksgiving was nice and quiet.  We ordered a dinner from Copeland's because neither of us wanted to spend hours cooking for four people.  And my picky eaters most likely would have not eaten much of it anyway!  The only cooking I did was mac-n-cheese for them.  I did some baking of course.  My girls requested all kinds of pies!!  I managed to narrow it down to three - pecan, chocolate, and a cheesecake.   No pics of them as they are all gone.

Dinner to go!

Cajun battered and fried turkey - best turkey ever. And I don't like turkey.

Dinner is served

Later that day we packed up the girls and brought them to a friend's house.  Time to go "pay" Santa!!  I hadn't done the Black Friday thing in years.  I've only been once since Val was born.  With Wal-mart starting their sale at 8pm on Thanksgiving made it so much easier.  No getting up at 3am or camping out for hours.  Clint and I were both able to go and we had a plan.  We were at the store a little after 6 and waited.  At 8 everybody kinda went a little crazy ripping open pallets and tossing boxes in the air.  By 8:40 we were walking out the door with everything that I wanted in hand!  It wasn't bad, but that was enough chaos for me.  The rest of my shopping has and will be done online.  :-) 

Did you brave the Black Friday sales?  Do tell!

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