Sunday, December 02, 2012

Celebrating the 21st on the 1st!

With Valerie's December 21st birthday, I've discovered the best time to have her party is -- early.  Christmastime is a busy time for everyone and having a birthday party thrown in isn't fair to Val since most people are busy with other obligations.  So yesterday we did just that!  We celebrated my Val Gal's 8th birthday a little early with a party!  We had a bounce house, lots of food, and friends.  I baked a ton of sugar cookies and had icing and sprinkles for the girls to decorate.  We even lucked out and had beautiful weather.  Val said it was a great birthday!  The only downside was.... Er Veronica..... well she was in a horrible mood for some reason and cried about everything.  She got over it eventually.

Thanks to all who came to celebrate my sweet girl's special day.  Mommy can't believe you are about to be 8.  *sniffle*

The birthday girl

The cake I made -- Winx Club of course

me and my girl

Make a wish!

Present time

SO EXCITED!!  An iPod touch all her own

Sweet friends

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  1. Val is head & shoulders above the other three girls!