Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas was...

Christmas has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  Ours was quiet and it didn't really feel like Christmas.  It was actually nice to just stay home and have no schedule.  We had our usual party food for Christmas Eve dinner and opened the presents that were under the tree.  Christmas morning the girls excitedly tackled the pile of gifts from Santa. I admit they are very spoiled when it comes to Christmas gifts. It is SO fun seeing how excited they were. I hope we can keep up the Santa bit for a while longer.  The weather was icky and Clint and I were both feeling under the weather, so it was nice to just stay home.

Today I hit the stores early for my favorite shopping day of the year.  So. Much. Stuff. So. Cheap.  I stocked up on bath items for me and kid tooth brushes.  I picked up a few gifts for my emergency stash.  We have plenty of decorations, so I didn't look too hard at that stuff.  Maybe on my next trip... because chances are I will go back a few more times!!

It seems like we just put up all the Christmas stuff and it makes me a little sad now that it's time to take it down.  I do love my tree and it seems I was so busy this year I didn't get to enjoy it much.  When I was little I would turn off all the lights and put on a Christmas record and just sit in the dark with the twinkling lights of the tree.  It was pure magic back then.

On the other hand, as I sit here typing in the dark by the light of my tree, I am ready to clear out the clutter and get my house back to normal!!  Back into the storage totes it will go for another year.
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