Friday, December 07, 2012

Elf Chippy

A few days after all of our Christmas stuff went up, our Elf on the Shelf named Chippy arrived with delusions of grandeur floating around his little stuffed head.  He magically appeared on our fireplace with a note that simply said, "I'm back!"  Chippy had been looking around at Pinterest and blogs for all sorts of fun things to do during his visit.  There are pictures of elves on zip lines, taking marshmallow bubble baths, having elaborate tea parties, leaving messages on mirrors...  Some of the elves seem to go all out and wrap entire trees or toilets in wrapping paper.  Imagine the laughs those houses!!

Unfortunately, I think we have been adopted by a lazy elf.  So far, Chippy hasn't aspired to do much of anything.  He silently moves from table to table, corner to corner...... and just sits there.  Sometimes he has nearly forgotten to move at all.  Chippy does not seem to have the energy or motivation to cause much chaos.  It's just too much effort.  The most elaborate thing he has done was put a few pieces of toilet paper on our tree.  Not very creative if you ask me.  There's still time...  but I think I am going to have a chat with Santa about finding a replacement.
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