Sunday, December 23, 2012

Festivus for the rest of us

Happy Festivus for the rest of us!!  Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!!

We are sick.  Veronica is still ailing from when she wasn't well a few weeks ago.  She's already went through a round of Zithromax and cough meds and she isn't any better.  Hasn't slowed her down much, so I guess she is OK. Now I've got it.... and I have too much cooking and baking to do to be sick. Seems someone is sick every Christmas! Every year we go riding around to look at decorations.  Some people go all out!  There are several houses around here with dancing light displays.  Someday....   but for now this is ours:

Clint did a pretty good job. 

Do you decorate your home?  Do you go riding around to look at lights?

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