Sunday, December 30, 2012

How messy is messy?

Do your kids' rooms get messy?  How messy?  Here it is a never ending battle to get them to pick up.  Every now and then if I issue enough threats Valerie will do a decent job straightening up.  Veronica never seems to get it.  I don't want them picture perfect.  I just want to see the floor!   I've tried a reward system.  I've tried taking toys away.  I've tried toy jail.  I've bagged up everything and hidden it.  I've given garbage bags of toys away...  doesn't phase them.  And the sad thing is I don't think they have all that much stuff!

With the addition of a doll house from Santa and new flat screen TVs, we decided to give their rooms a mini-make over.  They both are asking to paint -- nope.  Not until they keep their rooms decent!  I spent yesterday and today moving furniture around and trying to make the most of the space.  I know they will not stay this neat, and that is ok...  I guess.

Are you ready for the mess?  Please tell me my kids aren't the only ones who have disaster area rooms...

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