Thursday, December 06, 2012

Perfectly Pictured

I always have grand ideas when it comes to taking family Christmas photos.  It's really the only time we take photos together, and I love sending out photo cards.  I have a decent camera (Canon Rebel) so we usually just go some place pretty and use the tripod and the timer.  And hope the kids will cooperate.

This year was a disaster.  We took great care in getting dressed - choosing outfits and curling hair.  I even let the girls put on a tiny bit of make up.

We had a talk before we left about cooperating.  Veronica especially dislikes taking pictures, but she agreed to behave.

When we got to our location though, it was a total bust.  Well, not totally because I magically managed some decent shots.  With in five minutes I was SO annoyed that we almost called it quits.  Silly faces.  Tongues sticking out.  Looking everywhere but the camera.  And Valerie had a 'snaggle tooth, ' or a very, very loose and dangling baby tooth that she refused to let us pull.

We probably took nearly 400 pictures, and only a handful of them were card worthy.

Do you take family Christmas pictures??  And if you have kids, do they cooperate???

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  1. It may have been a lot of work, but you really did get some charming photos.

    Also, that dress you wore is freakin' adorable. Love the color-blocking effect. Very chic!