Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reindeer Games - just not monopoly

I am not a game person.

Have you ever known someone who at every party or get together they wanted to play games?  Board games.  Guessing games.  Charades.  Silly games.  I have.  It's weird to me that someone needs a game to be entertained.

When I was a kid, I remember seeing commercials on TV and the kids were having such fun!!  Then I'd get the game, and it was just me and my Dad playing it.  And it wasn't as exciting as portrayed.  Maybe that is why I am not a game person.   That and I am not all that good at some of them.

We are invited to a Christmas party this Friday night, and on the invitation it says 'Bring a wrapped gift - we are going to play a game!!'  Greeeeat.   Am I the only person who hates this stuff??  I know it's the Evil Santa/Dirty Santa/stealing gift/whatever you call it game.  That also means I have to buy FOUR presents. It will cost me $30 to attend this party, in addition to whatever food item I contribute. I particularly don't like this game because someone always, always brings something that is useless junk.  Clutter than I do not need.  Something that costs way less than the $10 limit.  (one time I got a small plastic tray to 'organize' your cell phone - huh?) I'd rather take my $30 and buy myself something I need/want.

And the kids are going to play it too?  How on earth do you make a child understand if their gift is stolen, that it was all in 'fun?'

Why can't we just go hang out and enjoy each other's company?  Eat, drink, and be merry!!  Music and dancing...  with out having to BUY more crap that no one really needs.  Isn't Christmas supposed to be about more than just the presents anyway??

Sigh.  Oh well, I will probably suck it up and buy some junk for someone else to get in exchange for the junk that we will get in return.

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  1. Tracy1:23 PM

    why go if you do not feel like doing this hun? why not stay home and have a lil party at your home! and i never understood the game either or less alone the kids think it be cool to steal someone else gift. what ever you d just have fun even if it just staying home and doing something small

  2. Although I do like playing some games, I greatly dislike the games where you can steal someones gift. What's the point? Even White Elephant Gift game is stupid. I was at a white elephant party, where someone wrapped up their retainer from high school. How disgusting!

    I fined most of the baby/wedding shower games dumb too.

  3. The whole stealing presents game CAN be fun. If it's new to you I bet it's good for a few laughs. I've played it so many, many times and have seen the 'gifts' that I am not interested anymore. There's always 1-2 nice things that everyone steals, but the rest is stuff no one really wants.

    And I agree -- most shower games are silly and pointless!!