Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Supposed and used and so on

Supposed.  Used.  Suppose. Use.

May as well add worse.  Worst.

Please learn the difference.  Learn how to use these words.  Even if you THINK you know already, you do not.  If you think I don't mean you, think again.

We were suppose to go to the movies.  WRONG. wrong. WRONG.

We use to go to the movies a lot.  WRONG. wrong. WRONG.

I'm my worse critic.  (Really???) WRONG. wrong. WRONG.

I see these daily on Facebook, blogs, and comments and I want to poke my eyes out and scream NO! NO! NO!  Stop it now!!

I am going to beat it into your head.  You will learn what my second grader already knows.

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  1. I'm with you! As the daughter of an English teacher, and someone who has taught English herself, that shit makes me CRAZY!!!

  2. Future English is going to be weird.