Monday, December 10, 2012

Traditions Anew

What are your Christmas Eve traditions??

What do you remember best about Christmas Eve from your childhood??

My dilemma? I would like to start a new tradition for our family, but I am unsure what.  I have such good memories of going to my Grandma's every Christmas Eve.  I remember getting dressed for the party.  We'd always take pictures in front of our tree just before leaving.   Everyone went to Grandma's.  There was tons of food and the kids played and everyone had a few gifts to open.  It was great having others to share the excitement with.

Our usual routine is to have party food for dinner, listen to Christmas music, and then we open the gifts under the tree.  I'd like to do something more though.  Something memorable and fun, that we can do every year.

But what can that be??

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